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Carmen has been interested in computer science ever since she took basic Turtle Graphics and C++ courses at a young age. She actively participates in extracurricular activities and clubs at her school involving robotics, engineering, and technology. Most recently, she participated in Pioneers in Engineering, a robotics competition hosted by University of California, Berkeley graduate students and won 1st place in the category of autonomous robots. Carmen was also involved in the Technovation Challenge, a national program and competition sponsored by large-scale companies such as Google, Dell, Linked In, and the Office of Naval Research. Her team met twice a week on the UC Berkeley campus to create an app prototype using Google App Inventor. The winning team would have their app professionally marketed and distributed on the Android Market. Carmen's app went on to the National Competition at Google Headquarters in Mountainview, CA, one of 5 teams in the United States. Although she did not win at Nationals, Carmen gained experience in coding and was exposed to entrepreneurship and how to successfully sell a product using the right business ventures. In her spare time, Carmen interns at the Space Science Lab at UC Berkeley, working with representatives of NASA and graduate students. She loves reading, blogging, and creating website layouts for social networking sites. If she is not in front of her computer or studying for her many AP classes, Carmen is in the pool swimming for the Oakland Tech Swim Team.