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Mr. Nodarse teaches core Computer Science and Technology courses in six of the seven schools which comprise Bergen County Academy since 2001. He has nurtured an interest in his female students in the areas of robotics, engineering, computer programming, and digital electronics. Mr. Nodarse also teaches computer forensics, networking, and computer service and support. He has developed classroom topics which range from the initial handling of computer tools to building a complete computer system which has generated great student interest. Mr. Nodarse has introduced his students to mobile programming languages, and how digital electronics interphases with other emergent technologies. With supportive mentoring, his female students have participated in the Annual Panasonic Creative Challenge, the Toshiba NSTA ExploraVision Contest, and the Internet Science and Technology Fair. Mr. Nodarse has consistently fostered the working of female and male students together in projects involving technology and engineering thus expanding and reinforcing the student's concept of the working team. Mr. Nodarse has a BS degree from New Jersey City University. Mr. Nodarse has completed additional accreditation in the CISCO Networking Academy Program (Instructor Training Program), and has certification to teach CISCO: CCNA 1-4, Discovery, Exploration, Java, IT Essentials 1 & 2, Panduit, and Adobe Web Design. Prior to working at Bergen County Academy, Mr. Nodarse worked in the technology industry at Arthur Anderson & Co, Anderson Consulting Firm, Columbia Broadcasting System (CBS), and American Bankers Insurance Group. Mr. Nodarse also ran his own consulting and computer service company for seven years prior to joining Bergen County Academy.