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Camille has done a multitude of projects in computer science this year and last. One of her most outstanding projects is her breast cancer app. It is only available on samsung products however, it is an app that contains scrollers of symptoms one could feel when checking for breast cancer including dizziness, tiredness, and even something as obvious as a lump. These results are then sent to a doctor by inputing the phone number. There is also a checkbox at the top that allows you to check off the month once you've done the check because it is a monthly task. Your doctor is then able to call and say if an appointment is needed or if the results appear normal. Another project that is mentionable is her game she has created this year using unity. It is a 9 week project in which the student will choose an educational topic that will teach children, your target demographic, about that topic. Camille's game teaches 6-8th graders about the harms and consequences of drugs. It is a Super Mario type layout with platforms and objects to collect. If the character collides with a drug then health is lost and a screen will apear to educate the child about the harms of that particular drug. The more fruit and healthy foods the character collects the higher their score will be. One more mentionable project that Camille is working on currently is on the Kinect and it is a physical therapy app. On the screen the person attempting the therapy will be displayed and in the top corner a GIF style video of a person demonstrating the exercise will play on loop. The app will check the position and angles of the person attempting the therapy and if they are correct and match the demonstration then they can move on to the next exercise. In the future Camille would love to be an architect or interior designer . However, computer science has always interested her and the thought of working at a large technological company sends chills down her arms. She would love to attend college somewhere in New York because she adore the energy the city has and the multitude of opportunities it offers. Camille would love to study projects to do with robotics or automatic technologies since they are fascinating and are essential to the future of technology and the growth of the country.