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Cali is a very high achieving student athlete. Since her freshman year, she has always taken the most advanced courses available to her while also maintaining a 5.59 GPA, currently ranked 12th in her class of 600 with a 33 ACT score. Athletically, she was being highly recruited by 5 Ivy League schools and has been invited for visits by three of them. She received seven total offers but has committed as an athletic recruit to Boston University. Although the requirements of performing on a high level in softball and maintaining excellent grades, Cali is a member of her school's Varsity Debate Team, competing in public form debate. In 2015, Cali qualified as an National NSDA alternate in Debate. Technology has always been a major passion for Cali since she started doing robotics competitively in the fifth grade. In her freshman year, she took began taking the Project Lead The Way course; Introduction to Engineering. In this class, she ended up helping to teach it because of her innovative way of thinking and ability to think outside of the box. She is now taking AP Computer Science and pursing an advanced degree in college. Cali is a member of the National Honor Society, where she serves as the chapter's Treasurer. Her greatest technical accomplishment has been creating an entire working train and train track using the Inventor Software as a freshman by herself. In the future, her plans are to attend Boston University l and compete in softball. She plans to major in computer science with a dual major in Finance.