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Courage, perseverance and determination are words that come to mind while describing this 15 year old girl. Being the first born child, Brittany was taught that nothing was impossible for her to accomplish. She was proud to be a young woman, and more so a young woman who dreams of becoming an engineer. Determination was her middle name. She showed this not only in pursuing her goals, but also on the field as a field hockey player. In 2013, she broke the humerus of her right arm. For a moment it seemed that she will never be able to pick up her beloved field hockey stick again. Two years later, she qualified for the Disney Junior Field Hockey Tournament, and proudly represented her team in Orlando, Florida, in June 2015. She also made the Varsity Team at school, contributing to many of their wins as a strong midfielder. Utilizing the above accomplishment, Brittany set forth to take a class from Harvey Mudd University in Python programming, in summer 2015. It was a hard class for a thirteen year old, in a class full of twenty something freshmen, but that never stopped Brittany. She spent many hours each night during the summer, while her friends were vacationing, pursuing her goal. She had one desire, to conquer this language, and three months later she succeeded. This was her greatest technical accomplishment to date, as she proved to herself that she could take a class with university level students. Her next proud moment came as a freshman, as she was chosen to work in CAVE, Duchesne's Technology center, where she got certified to fix both Toshiba T5 80 and Fujitsu computers. Taking the computers apart, fixing them and seeing the happy faces on both students and teachers, made going to school each day a joy. In the summer of 2016, she accumulated more than 300 hours of volunteering at CAVE, polishing her skills in computer repair and assembly. Brittany aspires to become a robotics engineer. Her passion for robots developed when she took her first Lego robotics class in 3rd grade. It is here that she learnt to built, got introduced to programming and had the first taste of Robotic competition. Her passion was fueled further in middle school, as she took intro to computer science, and was part of the Lego Robotics Team. Her team managed to obtain the 15th place in the competition. Her passion was ignited more with this win, and she knew that she wanted to design, build and program robots in life. Seeing that not many students are actively involved in STEM careers, she would like to establish a computer club at her present school for girls. She would like to focus on the elementary and middle school girls thru games, competitions, field trips and hands on training to expose them to the field of computer and technology. She learnt this leadership skill in the summer of 2015, when she volunteered to teach CAMP Invention as a student leader. Here she taught students to build, create, and design various machines, and to program in SCRATCH. Brittany is fluent in C++, Phyton HTML and web-design. She is currently enrolled in AP Computer Science, and would like to be a part of UIL for computer science. She volunteers 2x a week at Methodist Hospital in the research and technology department to help with programming. She also is setting up a non-profit organization to donate used computers and computer parts to countries that lack equipment. She is currently working with the government of Angola. With these accomplishments under her belt, she wants to attend MIT, and major in robotics and computer programming. Brittany wants to utilize her knowledge to help built nanobots for the medical community. In the summer of 2017, she will work with Methodist Hospital in the nanotechnology department. Here, she is interested in designing nanobots that can aid with surgery and target drug administration without possible harm to surrounding cells or organs involved. With these aspirations, and a family that supports and encourages her, Brittany is on her way to fulfill her dream of becoming a successful woman in technology.