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Brittany is a senior at TYWLS of Astoria in New York City. Over the seven years she has attended this school she has been introduced to the world of STEM and all of the career opportunities it has to offer. With STEM classes being offered, along with other opportunities being offered to her, her interest in STEM began to peak; however, she was still unsure of whether or not computer science was something she was capable of doing, until this past summer . It was over the past summer, when she attended Harvard’s Secondary Summer program for seven weeks, and took two college level courses, Political Communication and Computer Science with Java, where she found her passion in computer science. Over the course of seven weeks, she dove deep into the world of computer programming, and how it is such an influential part of society. At the end of every class session she was given a project set filled with problems and small projects to finish using the tools she had just been taught in class. To her, the completion of everyone of these project sets was an accomplishment. But, it was at the end of the class, when she had compiled her knowledge of Java and Mainframes, to take a final, when she noticed how much she really had learned. Since beginning her journey into the world of STEM, her biggest technical has been learning a whole programming language in only seven weeks. Her reasoning is more than just accomplishing the simple fact of learning a language, but getting over those barriers of finding bugs in a program and not understanding why something was not working. In hopes of continuing her exploration of computer science. she hopes to attend a college that continues to expand her knowledge and curiosity in this field. Besides what she has done over the summer, she has an intricate part of a whole group of young women dedicated to spreading knowledge of STEM field careers to young women. She is currently a Project Manager for this class, called TechCrew, a student run, technology based class. As a project manager, she keeps the team organized and offers support to any department that needs help in accomplishing a goal. Being part of TechCrew has inspired Brittany to explore more in dept STEM fields, as well as combine some of her most prominent skills to create a job she is passionate about. She has successfully created a role for herself that fuses her organizational skills, along with her passion for computer science. Moreover, as a TechCrew member, she mentors other girls to explore the different possibilities in the STEM fields. Since this year is her last year in high school, Brittany is looking forward to starting her journey of further education in hopes of following her passion for computer science. She is looking to major in Computer Science, and minor in either Computer Programming or Information Technology. She hopes to attend a university next year with an impressive computer science program or a focus on STEM careers, so that she can expand her knowledge and dive into the world that has peaked her curiosity. More specifically, she is interested in attending a university that offers students the opportunity to work on research projects and help mentor other young women in STEM fields. She is particularly looking for a school that allows for independent studies, so that she can work on developing different applications, websites, and games created with a variety of coding languages. More than anything, she is prepared and determined to learn all that she can about computer science.