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Brittany H. is a young woman (born 1994) who has been heavily interested in Computer Science since a young age. Her father even has anecdotes of having her fix the computer since 3 years old. Inspired by her love of board games, and her cousin in Bethesda Interactive, she decided at the age of 11, on December 25th, to download a basic programming language made by MIT, Scratch. With this she created a small racing game that gave her new light and direction into the world. She has since programmed in BASIC, DarkBASIC, C++, Java, C#, Unity3D, and XNA (her current favorite). Now with over 7 years of experience, she has made games for the XBOX 360, Zune HD, Windows PC, iPhone, Android, iPad, and Nook. Now that she is a legal adult she is looking forward to starting her own business that creates entertainment for people everywhere.