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I am a level III teacher with several endorsements, including Technology Education, Information Technology Coordinator, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Business Education. I studied in both Poland and the U.S., and I constantly educate myself and participate in a variety of professional development opportunities. This way, I can bring the most updated, practical and useful knowledge to my students. As a certified Microsoft Office Specialist and Adobe Certified Associate, I started with teaching Computer Applications and Web Design. Few years later, in collaboration with SFCC, I started teaching Web Design using HTML (HyperText Markup Language) and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for dual credit. Next, in collaboration with UNM, I added another dual-credit Intro to Computer Science course with NetLogo (agent based programming language). But, the more professional guest speakers I listened to, the more interested in Python I became. And that is why I currently implement Amazon Future Engineers program with its Intro to Computer Science with Python as the starting course in their pathway. I also recently passed another industry certification exam: Intro to Programming using Python and became officially certified as Microsoft Technology Associate. In addition to this certificate I also took and successfully passed PCEP Python Programmer exam. In addition to teaching various CS courses, I also engage students in extracurricular activities each year, incl. participation in variety of challenges, preparation to industry certification exams, mentorship, and even internship opportunities. Several of my former students study CS at various universities now, one of my students won 3rd place in Congressional App Challenge in 2018, one of my Supercomputing Challenge teams became finalists and received award for research from NM Technology in Education in 2020. Also, every year my senior students, who participate in the Supercomputing Challenge earn scholarships to the universities of their choice. And finally, my present team of students won 1st place in Congressional App Challenge (for NM district 3) as well as in Governor's STEM Challenge.