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Since her elementary school years, Audrey has been extremely curious about discovering the underlying parts under the surface of things, so she couldn’t help but tear things apart to discover what was inside. Influenced by her older brother, who is a junior Electrical Engineering and Computer Science major at the University of California, Berkeley, she started playing with circuit boards and learning programming at a young age. At the age of 13, she finished a Stanford online programming class called CS 106A. During her middle school (Blach Intermediate School) years, Audrey won the Arthur S. Harris Humanitarian Award award among all of the graduates due to her passion for science and her tireless work ethic. One of her recent inventions was knitting a jacket for her dog, but this was not an ordinary jacket. The jacket has a temperature sensor and different colored wire LED strands embedded in it, and it changes color to react to the different signals it receives from the temperature sensor. With her natural talents and ambitious goals, Audrey hopes to attend a university where she can learn from experts and inspire her colleagues with her ideas for new inventions. Computer Science and AI areas would be excellent fields for her to further explore.