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From a young age, Audrey has always had a curiosity for computers. Surrounded by technology her whole life, she understands how it can transform social landscapes and expedite opportunities. To her, computers aren’t just an outlet to store information; they are the benefactor that can breathe life into ideas, turning dreams into reality. However, just as society struggles to become more accepting, computers are far from inclusive. While interning at Oregon State University, Audrey dove into human-computer interaction, extracting trends that reveal subconscious prejudices hindering user productivity and discovering tools and practices to remedy those setbacks. For her work, she received co-authorship on a research paper that was accepted into the 2020 International Conference on Software Engineering and given the ACM SIGSOFT Distinguished Paper Award. Harnessing the skills she’s acquired over the years, Audrey seeks to study human-computer interaction to facilitate the inclusion of often marginalized and underrepresented groups in tech. Just as her life was transformed by computers, she yearns to make tech more accessible and usable so that others can benefit from that same change.