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Ashika is currently a freshman at Georgia Institute of Technology majoring in Computer Science. Computing and technology is a large part of her life. Also, she was a member of the Girl Scouts Robotics Team for FTC Robotics. In addition to all this, as part of her Gold Award for Girl Scouts, she has gone abroad to India to spread awareness to High School Students about how technology, computer science, and other computer related courses can be beneficial and a large part of one's career. Ashika also directed a portion of her presentation towards how women in technology has been steadily increasing and that women can also make remarkable changes in the technological world. For hobbies, Ashika plays tennis and runs two blogs. She also volunteers at many clubs, such as red cross, and is the two year President of the WWP Leo Club, a high school version of the Lions Club, where they strive to raise money to donate to the National Autism Association. Also, she participates in an all girl, Girl Scout FTC Team. She is currently learning more advanced data structures and algorithms as well as Data Science. Ashika enjoys watching movies and being with her family and friends. Ashika hopes to in her future continue to pursue her passion in technology and engineering.