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Arouney is a freshman at WACTC in the P-TECH Program in which she hopes to graduate high school with an Associate's Degree in Computer Science. She plans on furthering her education by going to college and pursuing a career as a biomedical engineer. In order to do so, Arouney has been building her resume by participating in clubs like SMILE (Science and Math Investigative Learning Experience) and showcasing her skillset in SkillsUSA. She prides herself in her past position as a Coding Technician at Community Care Alliance where she worked with NASA, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Department of Defense to learn coding education and STEM research. As a Coding Technician, she programmed NASA satellites in the coding language of C++ to destroy debris in space. The job helped her apply her skills in a real-world setting. She also used her experience to benefit her community by creating a 3D touch-map for the Museum of Work and Culture to help individuals who are visually impaired or blind. The map features buildings of the Blackstone Industrial Corridor and required her to design and 3D print. As much as Arouney values her technical skills and abilities in computing and technology, she tries to stay well-rounded by participating in many other subjects. She is a lover of all things music and satisfies her passion by singing in her school's choir as an alto and playing piano in her school's jazz band. She is also a participant of RIMEA's All-State Choir Festival. She is actively involved at school as the Freshman Public Relations Officer and a member of Student Council. She is also a journalist and editor for her school's newspaper, The Villa Novan. Arouney hopes to inspire people as a bilingual first-generation American who knows the value of hard work. She is always ready to learn more about the world and come up with new creative solutions to the problems she faces in life. She knows that as she continues to grow and experience more things in her lifetime, computing and technology will support her needs to evolve, change, and progress forward in the ever-changing technological world.