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Being invited to participate in the Simons Summer Research Program to conduct original research at Stony Brook and qualifying for Nassau County’s All-Star Team as a top-ranked Mathlete were both among Arianna’s proudest accomplishments in high school. Being amongst the top 5% worldwide for women in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 10) and as the only female rising senior on the Nassau County Math Team, Arianna takes pride in contributing to “breaking the glass ceiling.” As one who has been thoroughly captivated by mathematics since early childhood, she is President of Nassau County’s 1st Place Math Team/Club, where Arianna has devoted significant time to developing problem sets, preparing special lectures, and tutoring individuals in competition math to help prepare her Club for competition. Arianna is also President of her high school Physics team. Working with Professor Glimm at Stony Brook University, Arianna was able to elucidate anatomical cardiac geometries for the first-ever efficacious vascular remodel of the human heart—a step necessary for the implication of painless defibrillation therapy in hospitals. She spent much of her time debugging tens of thousands of lines of code, in which Arianna’s solutions were often met with more debugging challenges. She savored the challenging and almost addictive cycle. These accomplishments helped Arianna to further define her career ambitions, and both came directly as rewards for her hard work and academic enthusiasm. In addition to being a die-hard mathematician and physicist, Arianna is also a passionate inventor. A photovoltaic lawn energy provider called “Kusa”, generating a flow of solar energy from microscopic panels connected to a central battery deep in the soil, was her winning idea in the Toshiba Exploravision Competition. A couple of months later, she started an international campaign known as #ProtectTheOrbis in which she revolutionized the simple mechanics of a water fountain through coding and presenting a smartphone app that monitors the ppm of each individualized fountain. She knew this display of “what’s in my water” would eliminate the fear of drinking out of public water fountain, thus solving Americans’ towering use of plastic water bottles. Using the agricultural waste product of almond shells as a greener alternative to carbon filtering, she developed filters that were of equal efficacy. Arianna gained the support of her classmates and after her latest informative YouTube video practically went viral, she decided to reach out to her governor. This idea later won 1st Place in the Lexus Eco Challenge. Arianna’s newest innovation focuses on contact lenses. SmartLens is a one-step prolonged treatment to bad vision, a functionality so convenient that it could serve as a lifelong cure. The conglomeration of a self-cleansing nanoparticle system homologous to modern-day aberrometers, a polymer hydrophobic outer layer for water resistance, coupled with embedded graphene nanoribbons preventing dehydration would build a product capable of continuously adjusting the degree of prescription, based on the fluctuating corneal shape—data that would be sent to a four-character genetically sequenced nano-computer chip placed in the caruncle. Thoroughly captivated by the computational translation of physical realities, whilst wholeheartedly dedicated to pursuing Mathematics, Arianna plans to double-major in Biophysics and Applied Mathematics in college. Aspiring to a career in scientific discovery and invention, Arianna envisions herself becoming a frequently published scientist at a major research university, always moving on to the next phase of her investigations. Following her motto “the best way to complain is to make things better,” Arianna will use computer science as a vehicle to project her voice of social activism. She sees herself coding smartphone applications to change the realm of discourse and simulating reality to advance medicine.