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Ariana Isabel

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Ariana Sokolov is a 17-year-old founder and CEO of Logical Nonsense LLC and Trill Project, Inc. She loves using her technical and artistic talent to create technology that addresses social issues and benefits the lives of others. Logical Nonsense is an iOS and web development company that mixes simple concepts and logic into a never-before-imagined end-product or solution. Started by 13-year-old Ari Sokolov, Logical Nonsense's apps have been downloaded in over 42 countries and have received numerous awards from Apple, Congress, South by Southwest, and other coding competitions. Apps created by Logical Nonsense include an app that allows people to communicate with each other beyond language barriers, an iMessage Sticker Pack promoting female computer science education, and a gun violence safety app( About a year ago, Ariana founded the Trill Project with a group of friends from her Girls Who Code Club. Trill Project is an anonymous social network that allows users to freely express themselves in a supportive environment (will be explained in greater depth later on in this application). At eight years old, Ariana found her passion for computer science rather unexpectedly when she went to the wrong classroom at her day school’s summer program. Struggling to find her photography class, she accidentally walked into the classroom for Introduction to Computer Science. However, she became was immediately fascinated with computer science and the teacher graciously allowed her to stay. Since then, Ariana has shared her passion for computer science in her school and community. A couple summers ago, she was awarded a grant from AspireIT to teach a robotics course for girls that live in Los Angeles County government subsidized housing. During high school, she was the President of the Girls Who Code club that had more than 50 members. She also taught a course a iOS development course at her school. Currently, Ariana is on the finances committee and board for her school's all female hackathon, Athena Hacks. She also is on the board of her school's entrepreneurship and innovation organization. There, she leads a committee called Project Launch that teaches design, coding, and professional skills to minority students (whom are mostly female).