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Annie is a senior at Edina High School. She first got into computing through robotics, first learning CAD. An internship revolving around the use of Mathematica to run simulations further expanded her passion for computers. She then got hooked on computer science through APCS, and expanded her knowledge with project Euler. She continues to pursue computer science through PSEO at the University of Minnesota. This past summer, she worked in Python to simulate neural networks and analyze the process of information transfer through graph theory. She is the CAD lead on her robotics team, and a co-captain of her CyberPatriot team. With bother of these teams, Annie organizes and participates in outreach aimed to give more STEM opportunities to undeserved populations. Next year, she plans to attend college at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where she hopes to study computer science and linguistics. She is interested specifically in human computer interaction, language processing, and artificial intelligence.