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As part of the Montgomery Blair Magnet Program, Annie developed a fascination with computing through challenging computer science courses. She was enthralled with the capability of a simple algorithm to solve a complex problem; the “aha” moment of running a successful program became an addiction. Aside from programming, Annie enjoys exploring other applications of computing. Last year, she applied her prior knowledge of JavaScript and HTML to create a website for her dance studio. As a Math Team captain, she strives to share her love for mathematics with her peers. By providing a stimulating environment to learn new concepts and develop problem solving skills, she is able to promote students’ interest in mathematics and guide them toward achieving their goals. Furthermore, Math Team organizes an annual competition designed for middle school students; the tournament provides young students with an unique opportunity to explore the world of competition mathematics. While computer science is a thrilling and engaging subject, Annie cannot imagine a day where she will give up her passion for other STEM fields, such as science and mathematics. Stumbling upon bioinformatics opened a need door for her, as computational biology involves a vast array of subjects. The capacity of the successful moment of a successful program to save millions of lives inspires her to delve further into the field of bioinformatics. In this era of big data, there is an increasing demand for individuals with expertise in biology, computer science, and statistics. Annie hopes to join these multifaceted scientists in their paths to make a difference in the world.