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Anna is currently a sophomore at Lowell High School. She has been interested in science since the third grade, and she wants to study physics and engineering in college. She first gained an interest in computer science when she participated in the San Francisco science fair and later won third place in the California statewide science fair for her project on cyber security. She decided to further her knowledge of computer science by taking AP Computer Principles and plans to take AP Computer Science A. Additionally, Anna uses Khan Academy and other online resources to learn even more about computer science. Anna's greatest passion is physics, so she is taking AP Physics and Honors Chemistry classes. She noticed that she is one of only a few girls taking these science courses. This year, she decided to try to bridge the gender divide in science at her school by founding a women in science club to support girls who are interested in STEM and to learn more about the achievements of female scientists throughout history. She is also a member of her school's Girls Who Code Club. Outside of school, Anna works as an Explainer at the Exploratorium science museum in San Francisco where she demonstrates and explains scientific phenomena to visitors. Anna loves to use her computing skills and her scientific knowledge to work on her own projects which range from building projectile devices to programming robots. Some of her other hobbies include, fencing, drawing, and baking. In the future, Anna wants to work in a physics lab. She would love to work at NASA or CERN.