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Ann Elaine "Lainey"

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Lainey began her STEM-based, computer science education while attending the small, all-girls, Girls Middle School (GMS) in Palo Alto. She took introductory computer courses in sixth, seventh and eighth grade. She was taught Scratch, Python and Javascript. When she demonstrated proficiency in data science and math, she was encouraged to apply for a MAGiC (More Active Girls in Computing) project mentorship program. She was selected as one of five MAGiC participants and was paired with a female mentor from Survey Monkey. With the assistance of her mentor, she completed a webpage design family calendaring project prototype at the beginning of ninth grade. After graduating from GMS, Lainey attended Archbishop Mitty (Mitty) High School in Silicon Valley. She actively participated in the Mitty Computer Science Club (CSC) for all four years in high school. She recruited new members and volunteered for after school coding tutorials. She led the "App Development" section of the Mitty CSC her junior year. During her senior year, she campaigned against her male counterparts and became president of the Mitty CSC. Lainey was selected for a coveted Teachers Assistant (TA) position in AP Computer Science for her senior year as well. In addition to actively participating in the Mitty CSC, Lainey played competitive soccer and was selected as a team captain on her high school freshman and junior varsity soccer teams as well as her competitive club soccer teams. She is a natural leader amongst her female peers. Lainey also worked part time at a local bakery/restaurant throughout high school to earn money for college. During her high school summers, Lainey was selected into the NASA Ames Research Center high school internship program for two summers in a row (2018-2019). She collaborated with college interns and was introduced to computer aided design (CAD), 3D printing and computational fluid dynamics (CFD) software. During the summer of 2019, using CFD software, Lainey individually conducted research pertaining to the robotic rotocraft Titan Dragonfly which was designed to collect data from rotocraft landings on Titan, a moon of Saturn. She has been invited to return to NASA Ames for the summer of 2020 to complete a paper on her research. Working at NASA Ames on the Titan Dragonfly research project using CFD software has been the highlight of Lainey's high school tech experience. While in high school, Lainey maintain a 4.0+ GPA for every semester and will be graduating as a member of the exclusive Mitty Principle’s Honor Roll. She also achieved an SAT score of 1560 out of 1600 (top 99% in the country), taking the test one time only at the end of her junior year. She is a member of the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) and the National Honor Society (NHS). With her strong academics as well as her experience, she is in the process of applying to college where she hopes to study computer science and female entrepreneurship with an eye toward female empowerment in the workplace.