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Anita expressed her interest and wide knowledge of math and computer science at the age of eleven when she took the AP Calculus BC and received a 5, then at the age of twelve when she took the AP Computer Science Exam and received another 5. After taking these tests and others Anita became a College Board AP Scholar with Distinction at twelve years old. Taking the AP Computer Science exam opened Anita eye’s to the clear domination of boys in this field and she took it to heart by creating a website to help girls become more interested in the AP Computer Science exam. Outside of her studies Anita also volunteers at the Organization of Special Need Families where she helps teach autistic children how to use computers. Anita sets her goals high as she hopes to be a technology ambassador by bringing excellent tools to the neediest people in every corner the world and to be a technology implementer by utilizing what she has learned to build systems that make a difference for people with special needs.