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Anika is a senior at Liberal Arts & Science Academy in Austin, Texas. She started learning how to code in fourth grade by creating small animated shows using Scratch or creating simple NXT Lego robots and showing it to friends and family. When Anika was young, she was inspired by watching her mother follow her passions for computer science while managing her two kids. Anika further continued her interests by taking classes like AP Comp Sci, Advanced Comp Sci, and Web Technologies in high school. In her freshman year, Anika joined the iGEM (international genetically engineered machine) team. As part of the team, Anika conducted research the University of Texas at Austin to genetically engineer a DNA circuit system designed to alleviate the symptoms of Parkinson’s disease. Along with the research work, Anika coded the team wiki, creating a platform for the research to be presented to other researcher and biotech companies. In addition, they worked to educate the public about bioengineering and its ethics. Anika went and presented with her team at the international conference in Boston and the project received a bronze medal. Anika also worked at a plant science lab where she experimented with stomatal aperture. She continued this project to implement bioinformatics on her own. This project helped Anika to learn R and work to find biological pathways responsible for stomatal aperture due to eATP. In her senior year, seeing how wearable technologies could save patients with epilepsy, Anika joined a lab at UT Austin to learn more about hardware driving biosensors in medical devices. As an intern, she worked to selectively deposit tin oxide using atomic layer deposition technique and precisely control the thickness of the thin film. These thin films will be used to build next-generation microelectronic sensors and devices with much higher-performance and greater user accessibility. This experience helped Anika develop an interest in hardware, in particular, biosensors. She continued this interest by interning at a semiconductor company and gained hands on experience. Anika will be attending the University of Texas at Austin in fall of 2019 and will be majoring in Electrical & Computer Engineering. Anika hopes to be able to continue doing research in biosensors and microelectronics in the future.