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Angelic Arzola is currently studying for her B.S. in Mechanical Engineering in the University of Puerto Rico, Mayagüez Campus. She is a member of the university's Society of Women Engineers (SWE) chapter, as well as member of its Geological Society. As part of the SWE, Ms. Arzola has already worked on the "SurvEngineer for a Day" activity, an event focused on promoting an interest in engineering in children and teens. Ms. Arzola is also looking forward to working in this year's "WOW! That's Engineering!", the SWE's annual event for girls in elementary grades to high school grades. This event is designed to inspire girls into studying STEM-related areas through the means of hands on projects. Outside of the university, Ms. Arzola is a volunteer for the International Space Development Conference (ISDC) 2016, which will take place in Puerto Rico. She is also a teacher assistant at the Arecibo Observatory Space Academy (AOSA)--a Saturday research academy for stellar high school students interested in STEM fields. Ms. Arzola graduated from said academy a year ago. During her time in CROEM, a puertorrican magnet high school specialized in STEM, was that Ms. Arzola developed an interest in getting other girls into STEM-related areas. Under the mentorship of Dr. Elba M. Sepúlveda, Ms. Arzola conducted various researches, competed in symposiums and science fairs, as well as joined AOSA. While women were never lacking from the events Ms. Arzola attended during her time under Dr. Sepúlveda's mentorship, there was always a tipped scale. Feeling motivated by Dr. Sepúlveda and her own experience, Ms. Arzola has worked to inspire other teens to take up an interest in STEM. Sharing the achievements of other great women, getting her female students at AOSA to apply to the NCWIT Aspirations Award, guiding her students to creating videogames and learning computer-based skills is an example of this. Ms. Arzola sees it in her future to continue encouraging women to take an interest in STEM.