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Aneesha Manocha is a senior at the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics (NCSSM) and will be graduating in May 2019. She began her computational science career in middle school at Shodor, a national resource for computer education. As an intern, Aneesha applied agent-based modeling and system-based modeling techniques to various projects, created her own website, learned how to design apps, converted Java applets into JavaScript interfaces, and taught middle- and high-school students how to program. With a newfound interest in computational science, she sought out every possible opportunity in high school. Freshman year, she self-studied AP Computer Science A, immersing herself in Java. She continued sophomore year, applying mathematical modeling tools at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill’s Applied Physical Science Department as an intern. Aneesha conducted research in the realm of collective behavior, simulating Vicsek model and running experiments on collective behavior of macroscopic particles in a non-equilibrium system. During her junior year, Aneesha was selected for the prestigious “Research in Computational Sciences” program at NCSSM. She is currently collaborating with Duke University’s Environmental Engineering Department to model adsorption in heterogeneous particle aggregation to measure nanoparticle toxicity in bodies of water. In addition to the computational research she has pursued, she has also excelled in various computer science and math classes, such as Data Structures & Algorithms, Mathematical Modeling, and Numerical Analysis. She has won and placed in national and international programming and entrepreneurship competitions, such as the Congressional App Challenge and Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge. She presented her app from the App Challenge to Senators and Representatives in Washington D.C., sharing her novel design to combat food wastage. In addition, she led her group to become a Conrad Spirit of Innovation Challenge Finalist (top ten in the world), inventing a methylmercury filtration system for decreasing water pollution in bodies of water. Aneesha integrates her computer programming expertise in every club she leads. As the President of Code4Charity, she hosts biweekly meetings to teach students how to program in Swift and Java, while programming apps and websites for nonprofits that face financial burdens. As the Director of Communications for the Student Environmental Education Coalition (SEEC), the nonprofit that teaches and inspires the youth in environmentalism, Aneesha designed the website and maintains all technical aspects of the organization. Aneesha was also elected Science Olympiad Captain for one of the top high school teams in the state, pursuing computer programming events and motivating her team to qualify for Nationals. Currently, she is teaching a Data Science Seminar at NCSSM for students to learn how to program in the statistical language R. In college, Aneesha would like to pursue computer science and environmental engineering, discovering novel methods in applying algorithms to environmental problems. She would like to continue pursuing research, while also advocating for many organizations, such as Girls who Code.