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Over the last few years, Ananya has developed a deep passion for computer science. Over summer, she attended Georgia Tech to teach rising high school seniors and juniors how to code in Java, in order to prepare them for AP Computer Science A. Following this, she spent her time teaching elementary and middle school kids the basics to coding, such as algorithms, in Georgia Tech's summer camps, combining her love of working with kids with her enthusiasm for coding. She is also the Vice President of the National Technical Honor Society; the chapter at her school is currently working with large corporations, such as Microsoft, to hold computer science events in her area. Ananya wants to continue to pursue her love for computer science in college; she hopes to attend Georgia Tech. She would like to study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning because that is where she believes the future resides. She wants to help develop a world in which computers are an even bigger component of society, changing the lives of citizens through means of artificial intelligence.