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Amy is a current senior at Methacton High School. In middle school, Amy learned C++ on her own which started her passion for Computer Science. From an Intro to Java course freshman year and taking AP Computer Science the next, Amy has continuously been involved with technology. She is a member of the school Robotics Team and a founder of the Girls Who Code (GWC) at her school. In Robotics, Amy has built sumo-bots designed for Vex robotics competitions and aided in Methacton hosting its own competition. For GWC, Amy visits Skyview Upper Elementary School to teach and inspire young girls to code as the implementation of science, technology, and engineering is an important part in educating the fostering generations. Furthermore, Amy teaches a "Fundamentals of Java" at Guang Hua Chinese School to better prepare students for more advanced Java classes. The goal is to grasp a solid foundation through interactive lessons and programs. Amy has dabbled in various aspects of programming and multimedia from C++, Java, Photoshop, GameMaker, HTML, app development, RobotC, and Vex robotics. In addition, Amy has actively participated in science fair winning in the county, state, and regional level in categories from behavioral science to environmental science as well as publishing a poem in an anthology. Along with her STEM and educational interests, Amy enjoys investing, tennis, poker, violin, trumpet, and art.