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As a senior attending Ragsdale High School, Amelia is focused on her future. Intending to become a software engineer working in the field of avionics, she is grateful to enjoy her areas of interest. In pursuit of her career goal, Amelia attended two high schools in her sophomore and junior year. She was enrolled in the Weaver Academy Advanced Technology program. Weaver provided the opportunity that allowed Amelia to acquire a variety of certifications as a Microsoft Technology Associate and Microsoft Office Specialist. Amelia also joined Weaver Academy’s FBLA group, where she advanced to the state competition for Intro To Information Technology. She was honored as a regional 2018 NCWIT Aspirations Award recipient and nationally recognized as a 2019 National Honorable Mention recipient. Amelia has been intrigued by computer programming and aviation from a young age, and she strives to share that enthusiasm. Her affiliation with FIRST robotics, AAUW, and local community groups provide opportunities to interact and inspire more youthful girls. Amelia’s conviction of exposing STEM to girls at a young age, in an environment focused on celebrating their accomplishments, results in their having a positive perspective in non-traditional career opportunities. That dedication to impact as many youths as possible is what led the Ragsdale High School principal to nominate her to receive The President’s Volunteer Service Award this year. Amelia’s involvement in Girl Scout STEM programs introduced her to a variety of non-traditional activities. Her Girl Scout journey began at age five, and at age sixteen, she earned the Girl Scout Gold Award. After joining a Girl Scout sponsored FIRST robotics team at age ten, she discovered her favorite task was programming. As she advanced in robotics, so did her knowledge in computer programming and community outreach. Amelia has led multiple robotics events on the UNCG campus, with AAUW Greensboro’s Tech Savvy and IT For Girls. She also created an interactive robotics table for kids at a community event, Science Everywhere. Amelia was a guest speaker at The Joint School of Nanoscience and Nanoengineering in Greensboro, NC, where she delivered a presentation on why so few women are employed in the field of technology and engineering. Amelia also has aspirations of becoming a pilot. This summer, she accomplished her goal of flying a plane solo before driving a car solo. Her next goal is to acquire her private pilot license before she graduates from high school. Creating goals are essential to encourage young girls. She believes that once they discover what they enjoy, lofty goals are not impossible. Setting a high standard for her high school senior project came to fruition when Amelia was informed that her community service project would be funded through the INSPIRE IT grant. The project focuses on women in STEM. She wanted to create an event that would attract younger girls and introduce them to various STEM activities. The grant funds will provide the means to extend the length of the project and have the location convenient for more to attend.