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Amanda is a 17 year old Senior at Porter-Gaud School. She grew up as a gymnast and is now a cheerleader for her school and on a national champion competition team. Amanda started taking computer in first grade and has continued into the Accelerated Computer Science program through her high school career. She has worked through a range of projects such as Photo Shop, Maya, Alice, Scratch, HTML website design, C# XBox Game programming, C# XBox Kinect Game programming, JAVA, and XCode. Her junior year, Amanda created a stretch analyzer with XBox Kinect, featuring a 3D avatar that replicated the movements of a real human body. During her senior year, Amanda is programming working to create a social media app in XCode. In her future, Amanda wants to work in the field of computer science to create robots as genuine as humans themselves that can be used to improve and ease the average person's everyday experiences. She also wants to incorporate more technology in the medical field. She plans to attend college at a school with an extreme focus on technology to pursue her passion as her life-long career.