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Ama's first experience with technology was in an introductory robotics course, through which she learned how to build and program LEGO Mindstorms NXT robots. Ama runs the Future Innovators of New Albany (FIONA), an after school Aspire IT program that teaches middle school girls programming basics through Kodu and video game design. Ama has taken AP Computer Science and helped pilot an advanced humanoid robotics course, through which she learned to program and operate the NAO H25 humanoid robot. With the robot, she helped teach fifth grade students Newtonian concepts and helped program the robot to perform in a theater performance. Ama has also started CNgineers, a program at an inner city Columbus summer camp for minorities and the economically advantaged. Through the program, she teaches ten- to fourteen-year-old campers how to take apart old toys to build them into small-scale, battery-powered cars, planes, and fans. She has constructed her own nightlight using some wood, electrical wires, a resistor, LEDs, soldering tools, and a battery. This past summer, Ama performed chemical and biomolecular engineering research under Ohio State University graduate students. She helped develop synthetic hemoglobin-based oxygen carriers to further studies in transfusion medicine. She was also recently flown out to Washington, D.C., for the ESA LOFT Innovation Video Game Fellowship. Through the fellowship, Ama earned a $1000-grant to develop an Android app that promotes social equality. In D.C., she presented her app ideas and progress to public officials, technologists, and nonprofit leaders. Over the course of high school, Ama has taught herself 5 programming languages. She plans to study computer science or engineering at MIT in the fall.