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Allison John is a sophomore at The Harker School in San Jose, CA. She first learned programming in fourth grade, and now she enjoys taking advanced post-AP classes such as Compilers & Interpreters and Computer Architecture. Along the way, she participated in the Technovation Challenge, and her team won first place in the middle school division with their app Loc8Don8 which helps users find places to donate household items. She then became a Technovation Student Ambassador to recruit girls into the program and help them with coding, ideation, and branding throughout the season. She now also serves as a lecturer for her school's AI club for which she creates materials for workshops in different topics in machine learning. In addition to computer science, Allison enjoys math and science competitions. She has qualified for the AIME and joined a USAYPT team this year. Besides STEM, Allison enjoys rowing as part of a crew team.