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I received a BS in Math in 1984 because my college didn't offer a computer science degree. But I did get to meet the "Amazing" Grace Hopper as a freshmen and she gave me a nanosecond (1 foot piece of wire). My MA in Computer Resources Management gave me the ability to turn on a computer unsupervised. The Navy for 21 years never cared about my computer interests; "go drive your ship" was their mantra. After retiring in 2005 from the Navy, I taught Navy JROTC for 11 years before convincing my high school to offer a 4 year cyber defense curriculum based on seeing my students on our after-school cyber teams follow their cybersecurity passion to college. Today, we have 300+ high school and 75 middle school students in our after school program, while 110 take cyber defense classes during the school day. Kyra was our first female cyber role model. She started as a freshman who loved tech and was drawn to cyber. One of only two females in our group that year with no upperclass females to emulate, she competed twice at the CyberPatriot Nationals including a 2nd place finish. She was our Cisco "queen" and teacher of the network security classes after school. She still helps out in our summer camps, while serving as a cyber coach/mentor for other teams. 40% of our middle school and 30% of our high school cyber competitors are females in large part to Kyra's efforts six years ago.