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Alice is a high school junior who has spent many long, sleepless nights writing code. She first learned about computer science in an introductory technology course in her freshman year, and she spent the summer before sophomore year teaching herself Java from a textbook. Since then, Alice has coded in JavaScript, HTML, Python, and C and spends much of her free time continuously learning and improving. She's now focusing on how to program an Arduino for her science fair project, which is a pressure-sensitive pen for people with motor dyspraxia. This year, Alice founded a Girls Who Code chapter at her school to teach other students at her school the basics of computer science. As a supporter of female empowerment and the growing STEM education movement, she hopes that one day, gender won't be a barrier for aspirational computer scientists and engineers. Alice is also currently dual enrolled at Georgia Tech, and she is looking forward to learning about cryptography as part of the distance math program. She plans to pursue a degree in computer science in college, and she's interested in studying artificial intelligence and programming language theory.