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Alexis is a student in the Leadership Center for the Sciences and Engineering (LCSE) at Norview High School. She takes 4 Advanced Placement classes (AP Computer Science is among them). She is currently ranked 19th in the Junior class ranks, and her first semester GPA was a 3.77. This year, she serves as the Electrical Team captain of Norview’s FIRST Robotics team (1793). It is her second year with FIRST Robotics and her first year with National Honor Society. Often times, she takes up volunteering opportunities in the community such as Computer Science Education Week, STEM Career Day, and other similar events. She loves reading and drawing in her spare time. As a leader, she is articulate, versatile, and a visionary. These skills are very valuable to her, and she hopes to keep developing and using them throughout her future career(s). Her biggest dream is to get a Bachelor's in Science from a Virginia School of Engineering, but she maintains and open mind for out-of-state opportunities. Alexis lives to see technology make the world a better place.