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Alexandra, a junior at Harvard Westlake School, enjoys studying computer science, mathematics, and biological science. Alexandra discovered her passion for computer science and technology when she embarked on a research project using computational genomics to organize and mine an enormous amount of genetic data in an attempt to identify genetic patterns that could be used for cancer prevention and diagnosis. She is hoping that by using technology to detect certain cancer genes early, she can create opportunities for patients to be treated earlier, thereby increasing their odds of survival. Alexandra is also a gifted writer, who serves as Assistant Editor of the school journal, The Chronicle. Outside of school, Alexandra contributes to her community as President of her school’s Red Cross Club and as Activities Director for the Los Angeles Region Red Cross. In particular, she teaches her peers disaster preparedness and first aid skills and conducts many fundraisers serving Syrian refugees and recent hurricane victims. In addition, she has co-founded an organization to provide after-school and summer education opportunities for underserved students, particularly girls, in order to increase their interest in computing and technology. Alexandra plans to major in computer science in college. She believes that this course of study will prepare her for the important work of learning and applying technology to areas such as cancer research and treatments, genetic abnormalities, and communicable disease prevention.