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Alexandra is a young, articulate, ambitious woman who has for years participated in a Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) an engineering program used to instigate and advance math, communication, team-building, computer programming, and engineering skills. She dedicated her entire summer of Junior year taking online courses, spending 9+ hours to become certified in Java and C++. During the summer of Senior year, she had an internship with Accenture Federal Services where she used declarative programming to build operating systems that would track and analyze project data. For two weeks, she worked with Southwest Research Institute, after being admitted into the Youth Engineers Scientist(YES) Summer Program. She constructed a power supply, designed and built a website concerning details of the Europa Mission, and commenced a year-long study in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Alexandra plans to go to The University of Texas at Austin and is determined to major in mechanical engineering and minor in computer science. She is determined to work with NASA as space has always profounded great awe in her as she investigates the most mysteries wonders of space such as dark matter, planets, galaxies and one day aspires to make a paramount attribution to it. URL to Resume: