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Alexandra is a young, articulate, ambitious woman who has for years participated in a Mathematical Engineering Science Achievement (MESA) an engineering program used to instigate and advance math, communication, team-building, computer programming, and engineering skills. She outstandingly exemplifies these skills through the competitions she won over a span of six years in architecture and speech both in district and state. She not only displays these skills in competitions but in many extracurricular activities. These range from robotics club, UIL computer science, Mathematics, and Science, to Skills USA. One of her proudest achievements come from constructing an Arduino robot and programming it to operate the primary duties of moving and launching objects. Not to mention, fabricating a prosthetic arm to perform the fundamental principles of a human hand. Alexandra plans to go to a university, in particular, The University of Texas at Austin, The University of California Berkeley, San Jose State University, or California Institue of Technology. She is determined to major in Aerospace engineering and minor in computer science who envisions at some point working for NASA. Space has always profounded great awe in her as she investigates the most mysteries wonders of space such as dark matter, planets, galaxies and one day aspires to make a paramount attribution to it.