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Alex Wiederkehr has BS and MS degrees in Science from Oklahoma State University. He also has completed all of the course work for a MS in Biology from University of Texas at El Paso. In 1968, he came to El Paso courtesy of the United State Army Air Defense Command. After playing with Nike Hercules missiles for two years, he went to work for the El Paso Independent School District for 41 years. He has enjoyed teaching math, science and computer application courses for 35 years and Energy Manager for EPISD for 6 years. As Energy Manager, this gave him a break from teaching to meet all the principals and head custodians in the district. It also provided him with a lot of exercise since it required going through the schools at night, weekends and holidays checking to make sure everything was turned off. During those 6 years, the school district saved over 13 million dollars in utility bills. During his free time, he taught Biology at the El Paso Community College and many one day workshops on Solar Energy for teachers at the University of Texas at El Paso which was sponsored by the El Paso Electric Company. In 1980, he had the privilege to work with the El Paso Independent School District secondary Math and Science consultants to develop the Science Technology Program for Gifted 7th/8th grade students. For the next 12 years, he never worked so hard. For 34 years, he has coached UIL slide rule (prior to 1980) and calculator teams that went to regional and state math tournaments (almost) every year. "Mr. Weiderkehr is an amazing teacher, because he realizes that people make mistakes. He believes in second chances and just re-doing assignments until you get it just right. He's not a teacher to feel awkward around and he's always all smiles; he never loses his temper. He's opened my eyes to the world of technology. Prior to entering that class I had no idea that there were so many possibilities one has with a computer; infact I'd say that I dreaded the thought of having a boring computer class, but he's made it a great experience for me and I can actually that I've learned so much already. Being a girl in Mr. Wiederkehr's class is great because he doesn't discriminate at all. I really appreciate that he believes in equal opportunity for everyone and he can relate to young women, because he has his own daughters and grandchildren. He never hesitates to share his personal life and experiences with us and in fact he does it quite often and somehow makes a lesson out of it." –Christina Jeong