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Alessandra is a person who is open to trying new things and believes that there is always room for improvement, so she goes beyond the minimum in order to produce the best results that she can make. Using this positive mindset, she has been able to accomplish various achievements. For example, thanks to her enrollment into her school's technology magnet program, she was able to gain a certification in Adobe Illustrator and a basic understanding of the C# programming language. She also obtained experience in the video game-making platform Unity, and created two video games of her own. In addition, her efforts opened the door for her to join the school's robotics team, where she is currently serving as the coder. In the future, she plans to work in the field of 2-D art and animation, with a goal of someday creating her own animated show. In order to do so, she plans on continuing her education into college and thus going through art school. She also will further develop her technological skills in order to manipulate any software she uses as needed, or even to create her own computer programs. If she does not end up accomplishing this goal, she will find another area of technology to specialize in. After all, it is what she enjoys studying the most.