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Alejandra is a hardworking, ambitious and self-confident student that plans to achieve many great things in the future. So far, she has already stood out with her accomplishments in science by doing different types of research during high school. In 2017, she conducted a study in genomics where she studied the main cause of gene heritage in brain cancer proteins p53, NFR1, and neuroligin-3. Then, in 2018, the environmental issues happening raised her concern, especially those that affected honeybees. Thus, to provide a solution, she decided to evaluate the effect of Rosmarinic Acid, an antioxidant, in honeybees' survival and circadian rhythm counteracting the pesticide Thiamethoxam. This research led her to win first place in the regional science fair in Puerto Rico, and then be selected to participate in Intel ISEF 2019 in Arizona. There, she received several offers from universities like the University of Portland and Iona College to apply with multiple benefits. She is currently developing another project in hopes of qualifying again for ISEF. Recently, she won second-place being part of a team that developed an application to prevent student dropouts for the national Latin Code Week 2019. Undoubtedly, Alejandra is preparing herself for a great and bright future ahead.