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Ajaita Saini is a junior at Middlesex County Academy for Science, Mathematics, and Engineering Technologies, in Edison, NJ. One of the most important things about her is that she's a MAJOR feminism advocate. She spent the past year blogging at SPARK, a movement that fights the sexualization of women in the media (you can check out her profile here: Recently, she worked with SPARK on an app with Google that maps major important females in history, and was honored to be interviewed about the project by CNN and The Huffington Post. Besides her life as a feminist, she lives her life studying for her engineering exams, inhaling novels, and working with oil pastels and watercolors. When she's not freaking out about her GPA and lack of sleep, you can find her working hard to fund raise for her UNICEF club, or if she's in a good mood, ferociously ranting about smashing the patriarchy and the serious issue of misogyny. She's also president of her VEX robotics team, CTO of her school's StartUps Club, vice president of GirlUp, and participates in Math League. This past summer, she went to Girls Who Code, an initiative to decrease the gender gap in STEM fields. She spent the past 7 weeks in the Microsoft building, coding with 22 other amazing women and creating a final project that implements the concept of the Internet of Things. She recently received $10,000 to develop the product she created with her team, and is now the co-founder of her own startup. Currently, she's busy with mentorship sessions and seeking advice from engineers in her community about how to run a business and create a minimally viable product. In her free time, one can find Ajaita with her headphones on, whether she’s doing morning yoga or getting on the train to explore the city. During college, she hopes to increase her acuity in business, finance, and computer science through a degree in computer science engineering and an MBA. Simply put, she’s enthusiastic about a myriad of things, and aspires to enrich her mind, body, and soul however she can. Passionate, intense and slightly crazy, she's a normal geek by day, but a feminist champion by night.