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Agni is a senior in high school who is passionate about mathematics and computer science. She is responsible, hardworking, and truly committed to encouraging love for STEM in the Milton community. She is the President of the Milton Math Team and Mu Alpha Theta National Mathematics Honor Society, for which she leads the annual Mini-Mathletes tournament to encourage young children's interest in mathematics. She also holds office in the Science National Honor Society, and is a co-founder of International Education Outreach, a program to stimulate students’ participation in STEM-based research. In February 2012, the Georgia State Senate adopted Resolution 821 in her name, recognizing her mathematical leadership. She also served as a Student Delegate at the 2014 Mu Alpha Theta National Convention in Orlando, where she presented a “chalk talk” on the mathematics of Walt Disney World, with a focus of amortization schedules and stochastic differential equations. Agni is a researcher, and has worked on both ribosomal biochemistry and discrete mathematics projects at the Georgia Institute of Technology. She is the 2014 Actuarial Foundation’s National Project Math Minds Winner, a Siemens Scholar, has been recognized by Google, and has presented her work at the 2015 International BioGENEius Challenge. She was awarded top honors in the H&R Block Budget Challenge this December, ranking 1 out of 20,045 participants nationwide in a personal finance simulation program. This past summer, Agni attended the Summer Science Program (SSP) at New Mexico Tech, immersing herself into Python coding to calculate a best-fit elliptical orbit of a near-earth asteroid she had observed herself using local and remote telescopes to measure its position with respect to background stars. Since this experience – that is, having incorporated principles of computing directly into research – Agni has enjoyed applying programming languages such as Java and MATLAB to her independent projects. Agni will be attending the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) next fall and is planning to major in Mathematics and Computer Science/Engineering. She is interested in pursuing a career in the development of the Internet of Things technologies.