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Afrida is a high school senior in the process of finding her home for the next four years in a university. In the past, she has shown her interest in engineering and technology by joining and being an active member in her high school engineering club. Just last year, she was elected as the Vice President for the Girls in Engineering Club of Jericho High School. She was also able to join the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Bank of America in the summer of 2017, just before senior year. Afrida spent her summer gaining knowledge about computer science and the professions that she could pursue with a computer science degree. The program opened up doors to her that were unimaginable to her previously, and she was able to decide on a clearer path for her future. As of late, she is applying to colleges in hopes of studying engineering and specifically in hopes of gaining an undergraduate degree in computer science, which can give her the opportunity of attaining a masters degree in graduate school or entering a profession in that field.