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Adriana's greatest technical accomplishment have been working with children to make a difference in technology fields and creating her own programs and websites. After becoming informed of the gender gap in various computer science jobs, she understood the importance of encouraging young women in the Computer Science field which is why she participates in various computer science programs. Adriana is a part of her school's AspireIT program which encourages middle school girls to explore computer science and teaches them the fundamentals in programming and computational thinking. At the end of the program, the girls gained more than technical skills, they gained a new outlook on what it means to be a computer scientist and how they have the capability of changing the world. Adriana not only cares about spreading this knowledge in her own native community of Chicago, but she also believes that people from around the world should discover the values of the STEM fields and be introduced to that world. Due to her passion in science and engineering Adriana was able to travel to the developing country of Peru to teach students the fundamentals of modern science and research experiments. This endeavor allowed Adriana to continue to express her passion and love for science all while giving back to the youth in Peru. Adriana taught University students from Iberotec various projects such as underwater robotics, circuitry, and rocketry then hosted the very first International Steam conference in Lima, Peru. Adriana has continued her path in expanding and diversifying computer science by being both a student and then a teaching assistant for Girls Who Code in Chicago. During her time at Girls Who Code, Google Summer Immersion Program, She designed and programmed a safety app called SafeMe with her team. SafeMe is an app designed to act as a silent trigger in the event of an emergency. The goal of the app was to make it faster and easier to discretely contact help in the case of an emergency. In only six days, a beta version was coded and released to on the Google Play store. Adriana then went on to continue her experience with the Girls Who Code program, as a teaching assistant. Adriana's future plans are to attend college and become a computer scientist or have a path in the computer engineering industry. Adriana wants to make the world a better place through STEM. She hopes to help all peoples of the world no matter the gender, ethnicity, religion, sexuality, or birthplace become enthralled in the world of computer science and STEM and help to have equal opportunity in those fields.