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Aardra is very passionate about her ongoing research in computational chemistry in conjunction with Guilford College’s chemistry department. She looks at HIV antigen-antibody complexes using Visual Molecular Dynamics modeling software. Aardra has also been a part of her school’s FIRST Robotics Team 1533 for the past four years, serving as both the Strategy and Statistics Department Head and the Vice President/Outreach Coordinator. Her passion for STEM inspired her to learn programming languages such as Java and C++ independently. She is also proficient in using Autodesk 3ds Max animation and visualization software. In the summer of 2011, Aardra attended the Engineering Experience Program at MIT for computer science and developed applications for Android devices using Google App Inventor. She believes she can make a positive difference in the world through her involvement in research--specifically with regards to and robotics, biological processes and haptic technology. Aardra will pursue Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering with a concentration in nanotechnology at the University of Pennsylvania.