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Kayla is the founder of Girls Can Code, a club she was inspired to start at her school. The club focuses on encouraging more girls to get involved in computer science by showing girls that they can code, that coding is useful and fun, and that there are other girls who share the same interests. The goal is to provide a non-intimidating environment where girls feel comfortable to speak up, ask questions, and engage in conversation in order to truly enjoy learning programming. Throughout weekly club meetings that Kayla leads, the club covered topics from electronics to web programming. This year, she has directed the club towards Mobile App development and have helped form two teams to compete in the Technovation Challenge. Kayla leads the senior team as well as mentor her school’s junior team. Going to a small school, Kayla knew she wanted to share her love of programming to even more girls. She didn’t want Girls Can Code to just stop as a school club. Therefore, over the summer, she expanded the club and arranged several workshops at local libraries and taught a class of over a dozen high school girls how to code and publish their own websites. Following the outstanding participation in the workshops, Kayla was requested to return and do more workshops in the future and invited to do a TV interview, which allowed her to reach out to an even bigger audience.