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Jenay is currently a junior at Taos High School in Taos, New Mexico. Her interest in computer science started in the fourth grade when she saw a video of a robot. From that point on Jenay involved herself in any robotics related event there was limited as they were. When she got into high school she was finally able to join a robotics team where she gained her love of coding. Jenay now competes in Botball, Business Professionals of America, Supercomputing, and Science Fair. Jenay lead her BotBall team on to win third place overall and second place in double elimination her freshman year. This past year, Jenay and her team won second place overall as well as a Judges’ Choice Trophy. This year Jenay and her team are hoping to go to the global conference on educational robotics. In BPA last year, Jenay won first place at state and went on to compete at the national competition in Orlando Florida. In BPA this year, she is competing in Software Engineering, Java Programming, and Presentation Management. This is Jenay’s first year participating in Science Fair and Supercomputing. For these competitions, she is creating a simulation of natural disasters that will hopefully help city planners to rebuild homes after natural disasters like Hurricane Harvey. Jenay’s hope is to make it to the Intel International Science Fair. Jenay is currently working as a programmer at Taos Net, a local internet service provider in Taos, New Mexico. She is currently working on starting a coding club to teach middle school students how to code and spread her joy of coding. When Jenay graduates high school, she would like to go to Carnegie Mellon University and major in Computer Science and Programming. Jenay dreams of working at Google in the future as a Software Engineer, and works hard towards this goal every day.