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As a child, Kary grew enamored by taking apart old technology to study how they worked. Over time, they began to collect electronic parts with the intent of using them later on. Kary was enthused by learning about the mechanics and engineering behind computers and phones, especially growing up during the era of smartphones. Attending a school that focuses primarily on engineering enabled Kary to get a better idea of what they wanted to do in the future. Participating in clubs such as Mathematics Science and Engineering Achievement (MESA) and Solar Boat helped them gain more experience with engineering and research. For instance, they learned how to build and sand a boat, as well as program a telemetry system that would enable long-distance communication through Solar Boat. Through these clubs, Kary learned to share their passion with like-minded individuals interested in engineering and science. In the summer of my junior year, Kary participated in a research program at USC to study the causes of muscular dystrophy. The internship made them realize that they enjoy working in a laboratory setting and conducting hands-on experiments. In addition, the opportunity set a precedent and a foundation on what they wanted to do in the future. To this date, this has been Kary's greatest technical accomplishment. Kary is currently working to develop a project for the upcoming Exploravision competition. For this competition, Kary's team is working to introduce self-sustainable and eco-friendly lighting to local communities. Their goal is to reduce California's carbon footprint, save millions of dollars spent on wasted energy, and light up communities that lack electricity. They are in the process of getting the design built and patented. Kary personally hopes to continue their current projects in college and continue developing them. That said, Kary was admitted to the University of Southern California as a Trojan Scholar, Viterbi Fellow, and Viterbi Scholar. Kary plans on majoring in Electrical Engineering and minoring in Astrophysics. After graduating, they plan on participating in research to develop climate solutions and space exploration technology. In the future, Kary hopes to invent technology that will reverse the effects of climate change. As a student passionate about space, nature, and technology, it is Kary's goal to find a link between all three. By discovering new technology, humanity can explore beyond our galaxy. What lies beyond the Milky Way can potentially serve as a cure for terminal diseases back on Earth or propose new forms of energy to help underprivileged communities. Furthermore, Kary cares deeply about the future of humanity. Therefore, they strongly believe that humanity must use technology to help nature thrive so future generations can flourish.