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Jennifer is a high school senior passionate about artificial intelligence and entrepreneurship. She scored a 5 on the AP Computer Science exam at age 13, and she has taken numerous online courses in computer science, including an algorithms course from MIT and Andrew Ng's deep learning courses. She was invited to be a mentor for Prof. Ng's class on neural networks and deep learning, through which she helps hundreds of thousands people from around the world learn about machine learning. She has also applied her computer science knowledge to research projects in chemistry, where she created software to automate data analysis, and neuroscience, where she developed machine learning algorithms to process videos of calcium ion flow in the brain. She won first place in the world in the Technovation Challenge for Loc8Don8, an app that connects households to donation centers. After winning the competition, she incorporated Loc8Don8 as a nonprofit and is the CEO. Eager to share her passion for computer science with others, she joined the Technovation team as an intern. There, she leads coding workshops, conducts data analysis, and assists in curriculum development. She was a summer intern on the machine learning team at the medical device start-up AliveCor, where she developed a machine learning model to detect noise in electrocardiograms (ECGs). The paper she wrote on her research has been posted on arXiv, and she was invited to present her work at the Women in Machine Learning Conference.