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Anika is a senior at Miramonte High School in Orinda, CA. She is a motivated STEM student, competitive hackathon and robotics team-player, inspired public speaker, code instructor, and an innovative leader. Her interest in STEM was sparked in middle school when she started participating in science and engineering fairs; her greatest accomplishment of this type was being selected as a National Semifinalist for Broadcom MASTERS with her biological research project. Anika first fell in love with computer science as a rising sophomore in high school when she attended Stanford University's Artificial Intelligence program (SAILORS), where she mimicked self-driving car technology in robots. Anika started her school’s very first robotics team and has helped her team secure 2 champion titles so far at UC Berkeley PiE Robotics Competitions. She has learned Java through her APCS class at school and has self-taught herself Python, HTML/CSS, C, JavaScript, and MIT App Inventor. She has taken online Java Neural Networks courses and Python Data Analysis courses on her own time and finds the concepts intriguing! A Lead Teen Intern at UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science museum, Anika is also the co-founder of “Byte-Sized”. She organizes hands-on workshops to empower middle-school girls across the Bay Area to explore programming and mind-blowing AI concepts. She is currently working to expand her initiative to SoCal and more US states like Maryland, North Carolina, and DC. Anika was recently recruited as an AI4ALL inaugural member for the IEEE AI Ethics High School Committee to contribute to the Ethically Aligned Design paper. She explores a range of ethical questions posed by AI and provides feedback from a high school student's perspective. She was interviewed and photographed for the #IamAI social media series by NVIDIA, a multibillion dollar tech company, for her strides and aspirations in AI and her advocacy for increasing diversity in tech. This past year, she was a Global Semifinalist in the 2017 Technovation Challenge; she worked with 4 other NCWIT high-school girls from NY, GA, OH, and WA to build a mobile app that combats sexual assault on campuses. She has also developed an Internet of Things system prototype called SmartSheets which helps doctors prevent fatal bed sores in invalid patients. SmartSheets was selected among the World’s Top 20 innovations for Cisco’s IoT Young Women’s Grand Challenge. Anika spent her last summer conducting computer science and cosmology research at UC Irvine as a part of the amazing COSMOS program. She worked with Physics & CS professors to code statistical data analysis simulations to analyze the evolution of galaxy distributions since the Big Bang. Outside STEM, Anika loves competing in speech tournaments, playing tennis, creating DIY-crafts, and traveling. She reached Top 25 at the CA HS Speech Championships her freshman and sophomore year for her Expository speeches that involve art visuals and served as her school's JV Tennis Captain! She will be attending UC Berkeley in the Fall of 2018 and aspires to major in Computer Science, with a specialization in Artificial Intelligence!