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Alexandria is a Junior at Kalani High School and has overcome many obstacles in life, but has excelled in her use of technology. She first started learning about computers and the internet in 1st grade and found it extremely easy to learn and very easy to teach to others of younger and older ages. She first started by helping her family learn more about technology and how to use it; then she started helping younger students learn about the use of many types of technology around them by taking time off from her free time and teaching them during a small program in her robotics club at school. She programs the robot for her VEX team and is the programming leader for Kalani's FRC team and has also taught coding using "Coding with Kano" towards elementary and middle school students. Alexandria first taught classes in a program called "KRA" (Kalani Robotics Academy) which consists mainly of elementary students and up. She then taught after school classes for the High School students at her school (Kalani High School). She currently also mentors younger elementary school kids from her local elementary school. This mentorship program runs for once a week for the whole school year. In the end, Alexandria wants to major in computer science and minor in business when she later enters university. She one day hopes to start a business and use technology to inspire many with the usefulness of todays growing technical advancements.