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Maddie is a Senior at Mount St. Mary High School. She is interested in robotics and computer science and has seven years experience on various FIRST robotics teams. She founded and captained a FIRST Lego League team in middle school that won two state championships, and co-founded an award-winning all-girls FIRST Tech Challenge team as a high school freshman that has won two state championships. She is also the 4-year captain of FRC 2723 Team Rocket, which won the 2017 Engineering Inspiration Award at the Dallas Regional. She is interested in all the technical aspects of a high school robotics team, including computer aided design, engineering calculations, power tools, and construction. She has learned to program in RobotC, Labview, and Java for competition. Maddie believes that the world is facing many challenges, and that we can use science and technology innovations to help solve many of them to make the world a better place. She is currently exploring different computer science and engineering fields. Some possible career paths include applying computer science to robotics, theme park ride design, and space exploration. She plans to attend a major research university and earn an advanced degree.