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Jenny is a student at the Global Studies Academy at Clements High School who participates the Computer Science club, Girls in Computing club, JETS, MAO/MNHS, and SNHS. She is an active member in the Clements Computer Science club and is currently a coach within the club. Since middle school, Jenny has been interested in the math and science fields and she has participated in numerous competitions such as Science Bowl, TMSCA, Mathcounts, Science Olympiad, Technovations, and AMC. She hopes to attend more computer science competitions in the future and continue to learn computer science in her free time by designing projects and developing it throughout the year. She has won several awards in the competitions mentioned above, for example Technovations, in which her group had created an app that placed in the semi-finalist division in the United States/Canada region. In addition to this she is division silver in USACO and she hopes to be able to accomplish more with the one and a half years of high school left. She is extremely interested in computer science and different fields of math and science. In the past summer, Jenny was awarded with the opportunity to participate in a program called High School Summer College at Stanford in which she was able to take college-level courses alongside undergraduates and graduate students. This experience was truly life-changing as she took the two classes CS103 and CS193c: Mathematical Foundations in Computing and Client-Side Internet Technologies, studying in one of the most prestigious schools for computer science in the United States. She expanded her horizons by learning abstract math concepts involved with computer science as well as the historical and basic concepts of computer science and logic like DFAs and Turing machines. By learning web development in CS193c, she is now fluent in HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with several working programs involving these concepts.