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Xinyi, who is nicknamed Cindy, is very passionate about learning more about computer programming. She spends a lot of time on her laptop and is eager to learn more about technology and computing. She is very gifted in math and has won 2nd and 3rd place in her statewide TMTA math competition. Cindy has also won the Civil War Essay Contest and also got 4th place in the Legacy Project. Cindy's goals are to do well in school and to learn more about technology and programming since technology plays such a huge role in her life. Cindy also actively participates in her regional 100 Girls of Code organization. Cindy will be attending college, where she hopes to minor in Computer Science. She would like to gain more experience with computers and how they work so that she can get a better understanding of the world around her. To achieve this goal, Cindy took STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math) class as an additional afterschool course and is currently taking AP Computer Science. Cindy's passion for computing will play a significant role in any career field she chooses, as she hopes to work closely with technology and utilize her knowledge of computer science in her future career.